tradeshow exhibit


I wanted to create a space that people would be excited to walk towards and walk around exploring the process of the products as well as trying the products themselves. Having a seating area would also be a great attraction for those tired feet walking around the trade show for hours. Some comfy chairs encouraging to read through an infographic mural and enjoy some avocado treats using the company's products.

“who is Biofase?”
, you ask

Biofase is a biodegradable plastic company from Mexico. They have developed a unique technology of bioplastic fabrication from the avocado seed, producing forks, spoons, knives, and straws. Before Biofase, all biodegradable plastics had to be imported from other countries to Mexico. Through Biofase's patented technology, it has become the only bioplastic company in Mexico. But they have decided to go even further and have taken lead in producing bioplastics in Latin America, exporting to over 19 countries.

︎t h e i r   p r o d u c t

︎t h i s  i s   t h e   i n f o r g r a p h i c   I   d e s i g n e d

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